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Wonderful evening walks

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When you spend some days (or weeks) in a foreign country, there are probably many differences if you compare this new place with your home. People have different traditions, the view is stunning and probably not what you are in habit of. Besides, you have another routine than when you spend your days home or at work. That last one means in my case also going later to bed and being more active. Therefore, evening walks are always part of my holiday trip, wherever I go.

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Hema’s magic Sunflowers Part 2

Hema, sunflower, yellow, flower, part 2

I’ve finally found some time to plant my lovely sunflowers in our small, but beautiful garden. Although there were some flops between the yellow flowers, I found a nice place for most of them. Of course I kept my dog, Odin, in my mind and placed some flowers next to his kennel so he can think about me every time he sees or smells these yellow beauties. It is sort of a reminder to not get in all sorts of mischief while I am away. The others have found a perfect place behind the other good-smelling flowers.

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Hema’s magic Sunflowers part 1

Hema, Sunflower, magic, plant, flower, green fingers, DIY

Growing sunflowers!

Winter is finally over and we can start dreaming of long, hot summer evenings with a bench of good friends, campfire, fireflies and delicious, self-made cupcakes and muffins. My favourite season is coming and I have to be prepared for that big event. Therefore, I decided to show everyone my ‘green thumbs’ by becoming a gardener (not a real one of course).

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