About me


So you want to know a little bit more about the girl behind this blog?

My name is Jolien, a cheerful, 18-years old girl who is living the good life in Belgium. If I had to describe myself, you would stuck here for a thousand years, since I would never be able to start or to stop either. My story is not finished yet, so why would I start the reading if the end isn’t even nearby or invented yet?

Jolien 3

The big advantage of this personal blog is that I can express myself as who I truly am. This is my own place on the internet that I can fill up with joy and diligence as I can represent myself best. See it as a quest to  find out who this ‘girl behind the blog’ is. Mystery, that is a nice word.

Every Thursday morning, you will find here a new blog post about lifestyle, beauty or traveling (in other words; the things I like the most). Writing has always been a passion of mine, whether it is a task for school, a creative letter to a friend or a new post on a blog; I adore it.

Jolien 4

Nothing would make me happier than seeing myself growing into a journalist and full-time blogger. Therefore, I’ve made the decision to study journalism in Antwerp next year, but until then I can amuse myself by building up this marvelous blog. I hope I can inspire you all with some delicious recipes, interesting reviews and lifestyle articles, covered with a personal ‘touch of Jolien’.

Enjoy reading!

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