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Trip to Germany: Cochem

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-14 om 11.54.08

I heard a little tweeting bird chirping when I woke up early in the morning. I was planning on going for a long morning walk with Odin after breakfast. I waited for my little brothers to get ready and together we went downstairs and enjoyed, once again, a gigantic portion of delicious, sweet morning food. Immediately after breakfast, I went outside with my dog to explore the surroundings.

Before you read this blog post, you might consider reading part 1 of our trip to Germany first.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-14 om 11.51.57

I am a nature fan, so it was no surprise that I ended up in pure nature. I felt so relaxed and happy to be in such wonderful wilderness. All burden was of my shoulders and de only quote I could think about that moment is ‘Don’t worry, be happy, hakunamatatta’. Although the mountains in this area are not that high, they are rocky and contain steep slopes what makes it not always that easy to climb. When you reach the top of these hills, however, the panoramic view is breathtaking.


We hiked through the dense woods, felt free on the vast fields neighboring the forest and followed a serpentine road through the wonderful landscape. After an hour of hiking in quick succession, I decided to turn back to the hotel since the others were waiting for me leave Koblenz and I kept in mind that the way back would take at least an hour too. It is, however, quite remarkable that we saw almost no one else on the road, like the world was intended for my dog and me alone. Lovely!

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-14 om 11.53.03

Once back in the hotel, we packed our valises and left Koblenz behind. Next stop: Cochem. I had never heard of this place before, but my parents had promised me it would definitely be worth the visit. They were right, that’s for sure, because I felt head over heals in love with this place, the Moselle area in general, actually. Since the vineyards had no fresh green leaves yet, we could see the magnificent rock formations. I love stony mountains!

We parked our car and went further on foot with Cochem Castle in our head as destination.  We enjoyed the view and appreciated the fact that we were in this spot as one happy family. Then, we bought tickets for a guided tour through the great castle, even Odin was welcome to enter the impressive building. I didn’t understand much of what the German-speaking guide was saying, I was blown over.


The interior design was tremendous, with antique furniture, giant heavy doors and many charming paintings. Most chambers were huge and every time we entered a new part of the castle I was impressed once more. Unfortunately, after less than an hour, the tour ended and we had to leave old paradise.


After having explored the surroundings, our stomachs started grumbling, so we looked for a nice restaurant. That’s where the insanity started. Apparently, it was Rosenmontag in Germany, the highlight if German carnival. Lots of noises, music and of course many adults and children disguised in their favorite character. We could see the show from our table inside and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere while eating a delicious meal.


When we finally went outside again, a huge carnival procession was passing by, throwing sweets and biscuits to the children. Suddenly I realized that some people in the parade were distributing tiny wine bottles, so I put myself right up in front and yes, I felt the lucky one when I got a bottle too. Furthermore, we ended up with our bags filled with confectionery and Odin even got a Frisbee!

Our stomachs were filled and ready for a four hour trip back home, although I’d rather have staid for a few more days. Maybe it was for the best to leave at the moment. The sky was turning black and it was getting quite windy. Not long after we left Cochem, beastly weather erupted and we realized how lucky we were to have had three days of splendid weather conditions. I think the godlike controlling the weather were in our favor during the past few days.

Time to go back home. The next adventure is awaiting.


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