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The Ultimate Iceland Travel Bucket List


Iceland is a wonderful country that is almost the number one place to visit on my list. Many beautiful landscape photos of this vast area can be found on the internet (is there anything you can’t find online?). Here’s my top things-to-do or places-to-visit in Iceland. All photos come from Pinterest. I’ve not taken any photographs myself since I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to this country.

1. Doing the Golden Circle roadtrip, Iceland’s most famous road tour.

2. Taking a guided tour in the magical Crystal Caves.

3. Relaxing in the iconic geothermal hot springs of the Blue Lagoon.

4. Watching the sea, black sand and huge rocks on Reynisfjara Beach.


5. Doing a zodiac tour on the famous Glacier Lagoon.

6. Going backpacking for multiple days through the colorful mountains of Landmannalaugar.

7. Picknicking in front of the Svartifoss waterfall, one of the most mind-blowing rock formations of the country.

8. Climbing the amazing elephant rock all the way to the top.


9. Watching the sun going down in a tent near Gulfoss.

10. Passing the whole Laugavegur trail with someone I love.


I can’t wait to go to Iceland someday, although there are so many other countries I’d like to visit. What’s your favourite (hidden) gem in Iceland?



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