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Wonderful evening walks

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When you spend some days (or weeks) in a foreign country, there are probably many differences if you compare this new place with your home. People have different traditions, the view is stunning and probably not what you are in habit of. Besides, you have another routine than when you spend your days home or at work. That last one means in my case also going later to bed and being more active. Therefore, evening walks are always part of my holiday trip, wherever I go.

Being outside while the sun is going under makes me feel peaceful and happy on the inside because of the wonderful colors that fill up the atmosphere especially during the ‘golden hour’. Moreover, there is less traffic on the road, which means that the quiet can rule, unless you live in a big city where you can hardly find any silence outside, obviously. This is the part of the day I prefer the most. This daily happening probably is even more spectacular in the early morning, but you have to find the discipline to get up early and that is not for everybody (which I fully understand).

I have done an evening walk more than once during the two weeks that I spend in Austria and Germany last summer. It is a great solution for people with sleeping troubles since I always sleep heavily after a soothing walk in the eve. The only problem is that I have an extremely smart Border Collie, named Odin, who is always by my side. He can feel that a relaxing evening walk during sundown is mostly his last walk of the day (although that is not always the case since I often go for a walk with him when there is total darkness outside). Because of that, he feels like he has to release all the energy that was still locked up inside him and turns into a hyperactive, crazy little monster, which I find not soothing at all.

Anyway, the advantages of evening hikes are limitless, so to bring you in the right mood before going to sleep, I have composed a short video of one of our short walks in Germany. Enjoy!


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