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First day in Austria

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If you adore stunning landscapes and great hikes, Austria is a perfect county to travel to. This summer I went there for the first time and I was absolutely amazed by the kindness of the local folks, their dangerous driving skills which are practiced on the road and their wonderful regional attires. Furthermore, the spectacular scenery, cosy villages and impressive wild waterfalls made head over heals in love with Austria.

The public hill farms (or alps) were a new concept to me and I was absolutely a big fan of it. It is a pity that they do not exist in many other countries since it always a relieving chance to rest out for a second and buy a drink or meal before continuing the hike. Also, you can collect stamps for visiting these huts and get some medals afterwards. Keep in mind that taking a break in one of the many mountain pastures is so much more effective after a physical effort like following a trail through the mountains (and probably through meadows too). Driving to a hill farm is for pussies unless you are incapable to walk a long distance, obviously.

In the beginning I was fond of cows, so walking through their pastures while following the indicated hiking trails was nothing bad. That was until a few days later, when Odin was almost killed by a mother cow that apparently saw my playful Border Collie as a huge threat for her bull calf. I could think of nothing better but jump in front of the aggression committed cow with my arms widespread while screaming as hard as I could. Luckily that made the spotted mother stop so we could escape the dangerous pasture as quickly as possible. We have survived!

Want to see what I did on my first full day in Austria? Check out the video below!




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