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Two Sundays in a Row Kayak Adventure

kayak, Durbuy, Belgium, adventure, water, park, friend

In one of my previous posts, I already told you that I went kayaking with a friend who had invited me to spend the weekend with her in a holiday house in Oudenaarde, West-Vlaanderen. I had already done it one time in the North Sea at the coast of Oostende, which was actually our official senior school trip. Ever since that crazy experience, I adore kayaking and want to practice this sport in as many different areas as possible.

However kayaking in the see was quit wild, cold and sometimes even dangerous, since we went on a stormy day that caused vigorous golfs, I thought it was funny and adventurous. When the two hours of amusement were over, I was already dreaming about how kayaking on a river or a lake would be.

kayak, Durbuy, adventure, Belgium, travel, dog, Border Collie, water

Apparently there was a big lake nearby Oudenaarde which was part of the recreation domain, named Donkvijver. Many activities can be practiced here as an example: hiking, bicycling, float trips, sailing, stand up paddling, driving a paddle boat, wall climbing and so much more including kayaking of course. We rented a kayak (from The Outsider) for one hour and took it slow to enjoy the view and to laugh with other people who were slightly less successful with keeping their kayak in the right direction.

It was definitely a nice experience, but when another friend asked me if I would like to go kayaking on a river in the Ardennes with her the week after, things got even better. Seven days later, she picked Odin and me up and together with her parents we rode to Durbuy. We ended up with a group of 17, so I’ve met a lot of friendly people out there. I shared a kayak with another friend who came along with us and started peddling.

My last kayak adventure was absolutely the best of the three because of the beautiful nature, the nice company and the gentle flow of the water. Probably, my experience can be better explained if I show you a short video. Have fun watching it!


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