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Wanderlust Bucket List part two

wanderlust, travel, bucket list, nature, culture, worldPart one should be followed by part two of course. A few weeks ago I’ve started my own Wanderlust Bucket List, which is a summation of all places I would like to visit, adventures I would love to experience and dream I hope that will come true. Since this list is (or will probably be) infinite big, I split it into blog posts of 20 things I’ve written in my notebook.
  1. Lay under the beautiful 100 years old Fuji tree, while being in blossom, in Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan
  2. Capture a paranormal being in The Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania, which is the world’s most haunted forest. Is this place really a mysterious gateway to an otherworldly dimension?
  3. Visit Montreal Botanical Garden in Quebec, Canada, which is in my opinion the most amazing oasis like botanical garden ever created    
  4. Slide on an inner tube from the famous Canal Water Slide in Bali, Indonesia, which is part of the Bali Water Palace of Tirtagangga
  5. Watch the sun going down on Tomaree Summit in Australia after relaxing on the nearby Zenith Beach 
  6. Spending the night in one of the four lodges of Silver Falls State Park, Oregon after a whole day hike next to the impressive waterfalls
  7. Take a ride on one of the remaining colonial British wooden trains that are still rolling through the incredible scenery in Sri Lanka
  8. Take a rest on the field of daisies in Banff National Park, Canada 
  9. Watch the fairy tale like Castle-house-Island in Dublin balancing on its rock with my own eyes
  10. Enjoy the Multnomah Falls in autumn when the leaves of the trees have just turned red, orange or yellow and start forming wonderful play of colours on the ground 
  11. Sail in Lake Bled, Slovenia while the surroundings are covered with a white carpet of snow
  12. Travel through U.K. by train and step out at Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross Station, London, which is well-known for its famous Harry Potter scene where people simply disappear in the wall
  13. Meet some ancient giants in Muir Woods National Monument, California 
  14. Helping local people maintaining the incredible rice fields in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam
  15. Watching the Tequendama Falls from the terrace of the spectacular, ancient Hotel del Salto
  16. Follow the wooded Path to King’s Cave in Scotland
  17. Take diving lessons to be permitted to dive to the incredible Shicheng underwater city in China, also called ‘China’s Atlantis’          
  18. Visit the fairy-like Supertree Gardens by The Bay in Singapore by night, although the trees are also quite imposing during daylight hours
  19. Travel along with some nomadic folks who spend their nights in traditional Mongolian yurts
  20. Learning about Buddhism is one of the 3000 temples that can be found in the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar 
    Which of the numbers above is your favourite?

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