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Day Trip to Landal Livingstone Park (NL)

Landal, Livingstone, Nederland, vacation, travel, day trip, nature, bungalow My grandparents invited us to spend the last day of their holiday with them in the bungalow park they were staying at the moment; Landal Livingstone Park. Two weeks ago on a Sunday, we immediately packed what we needed and went to the Netherlands, more specific to Zeeland (somewhere in the south of the country).

We arrived about 10 hour in the morning and were warmly welcomed by our grandparents and a delicious breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice, crusty bread rolls and delightful croissants. Of course Odin also got his food, on which he had been waiting all morning long.

Next, we split up in two groups and while the others did some shopping, me, my father and my grandfather went outside to explore the park itself and the beautiful surroundings.

The park is built up with unique blue and white seaman houses that resemble a peaceful fishing-village (with tourists instead of sailors, obviously). Only walking between these lovely bungalows gives you a relaxing summer feeling, certainly when the sun is joining too. However, the park is not that large, it definitely  minds the super cosy sphere and not only the outside, but also the interior of the bungalow my grandparents hired, proves that small is beautiful.

Landal, Livingstone, Nederland, vacation, travel, day trip, nature, bungalow

After that, we left Livingstone Park and followed the arrows, which led us to an old mill, named the Pannekoekenmolen de Graanhalm. We took some photos and took a look around the charming mill and its little cafe. My grandfather asked me if I would like having an ice-cream, but unfortunately I had no space left in my stomach because of the extensive breakfast, so we continued our hike

Landal, Livingstone, Nederland, vacation, travel, day trip, nature, bungalow

The next location was a lovely natural park where we simply followed the small path that led us to an old bunker, a great vantage point and even a (wild) herd of horses! I love hiking in nature, which helps me to relax and makes me feel like the happiest person on earth (it’s probably part of my desire to travel the world). I could stay there all day, but my other companions decided to return to the bungalow. However, on our way back, we passed by an enjoyable block of Burgh-Haamstede and even visited a well-known bakery, namely Brood- en Banketbakkerij Sonnemans. Only the smell of the freshly baked bread and pastries made my mouth watering.


Once we were back in the park, we ate cake, enjoyed the sun and played with Odin (who had obviously a great time). Then, after dinner, we watched all together to the legendary football match of the Belgian Red Devils who won 4-0 over Hungary. This was definitely great win to end a leisurely first real day of summer holidays. Time to go home.

Although my grandparents’ vacation in the Netherlands has already ended, I, on the other hand, am still looking forward to August, when we are going to Austria and Germany. For as long as I can remember, we travel every summer to the Black Forest in Germany, but this year will be so special since we are also planning a week in Austria! 


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