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I am so happy to finally call myself a graduate. Last week, I finished the last exam of my whole high school career. Although I didn’t believe many exams went well, I got my grades and was actually surprised in a positive way. I’ve received a lot of congratulations from friends and family.

Saturday was the Big Day for me as the proclamation approached fast. This official event took place in the church of my high school and all parents were invited, obviously. Every pupil was called to the decorated altar, behind which a giant picture was shown, while the school principal red a small text about that specific person in front of everyone.

Odin, graduated, Border Collie, high school

Luckily, my text was not that bad. My dog Odin was mentioned in it, so of course I like it. I didn’t even expect that my teachers knew so much about me. Isn’t that creepy? They were probably stalking me on social media to make this short speech the best and most personal of them all (kidding, everyone’s little text was awesome, but in my eyes, mine was extra special):

“As an older sister, Jolien learned very fast what the meaning of responsibility is. She has grown too a mature and beautiful young lady who is always there for others during the past six years. She is very loyal and thinks that honesty and fidelity are highly important. She loves her friends, but also animals; her dog Odin is probably her biggest sweetheart. Jolien turned out to be an excellent student who’ve always had good grades, thanks to her commitment and enthusiasm”.

Also, we have finally got all the photos that were taken during the school trips and events. We have been waiting a whole year for these to see – especially the pictures of prom – and now the time has come. I couldn’t hold my curiosity and immediately took a look at the albums.

graduated, prom, last year, girls

Still, there is no time to waste because I have to make a very important decision that will define the rest of my life and my future career. A year ago, there were some tricky hesitations, but since I found out that I really want to become a journalist, I went to an info day in Antwerp and that made me be beyond doubt about studying journalism there.

Of course I will keep you informed and tell you both good things and bad things about this new phase of student life. Furthermore, I’ve a great presentiment that the new people I’ll meet, the experience I’ll gain and the many things I’ll learn will definitely compensate the fact that I can’t go living in lodgings.

So exciting!


1 thought on “Graduated!”

  1. Nogmaals een dikke proficiat Jolien! Je hebt die positieve commentaar dubbel en dik verdient! Ik ( wij ) ook bompa, zijn ontzettend trots op jou! Je bent een hele toffe jongedame geworden. En wij wensen je heel veel succes bij je verdere studies. Maar bovenal hopen we dat je heel gelukkig zult zijn in je verdere levensjaren. Geniet zoveel mogelijk van je jeugd! Heel, heel veel liefs. Bomma en Bompa.

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