Hema’s magic Sunflowers Part 2

Hema, sunflower, yellow, flower, part 2

I’ve finally found some time to plant my lovely sunflowers in our small, but beautiful garden. Although there were some flops between the yellow flowers, I found a nice place for most of them. Of course I kept my dog, Odin, in my mind and placed some flowers next to his kennel so he can think about me every time he sees or smells these yellow beauties. It is sort of a reminder to not get in all sorts of mischief while I am away. The others have found a perfect place behind the other good-smelling flowers.

Sunflower, Hema, flower, yellow, garden, nature

Hema's Sunflowers 3

As you could read in one of my previous blog posts, I bought Hema sunflowers and immediately sowed them in the cardboard flowerpot that was included. After a week, the first green baby plants made their appearance and grew bigger and bigger every day and I knew the day would come… The day when my baby plants, raised by my own green thumbs, are ready to leave the nest.

Sunflower, Hema, flower, yellow, garden, nature

So, let’s skip the emotional part of the story. Previous Friday, on a sunny day I’ve finally decided to search a good place to plant the flowers in our gorgeous garden. Apparently my parents had already bought one sunflower and placed it somewhere in the corner. Until I saw that huge flower, I didn’t realise that my tiny yellow plants were too small the be called ‘sunflowers’. I presume I bought a smaller version than the ‘real’ ones, but decided to give it a shot and wait for them grow a little bit more. And if they don’t, I will always keep in mind that even a small star shines in the darkness.

Sunflower, Hema, flower, yellow, garden, nature

Before I could plant the flowers, I needed something to dig in the sand and that was not so easy to find as I hoped. I actually didn’t find a hand held trowel at all and had to use a big red shovel I used to make sandcastles with at the beach when I was younger. However, anything is possible if you give it a go and it worked! I gave the baby flowers a new home one by one, with some help of my dearest friend Odin of course, who aped me digging in lawn (just kidding, I held him back from doing that, otherwise my dad would be furious).

Odin, dog, Border Collie, cute, garden, black and white
The only thing I had to do is wait a few days and hope that the baby flowers will survive… most of them did; mission accomplished since only three stems has disappeared in Odin’s stomach. I really like these flowers, although they aren’t real sunflowers. Hema, maybe you should change the name to ‘yellow flower kit’ because these ones are not even going to reach the goal of 20 cm I guess and honestly I hoped they would become giants so I could climb high in the sky and meet Jack the Giant Slayer. Maybe next summer!


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