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Wanderlust Bucket List part one

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Before I die, I want to visit so many places that I nearly can’t keep a cool head anymore. Seeing that I am quite ambitious and have some struggles with wanderlust lately, it seems so unfair that I have only been in Germany, the Netherlands and best of all, I did a short trip to Paris and Barcelona.
Therefore, I am determined to save as much money as possible, which is rather difficult for a student who has no job, but I am sure I can find a way. However, every little bit helps, so I will have to be happy with my little babysitting jobs and pocket money.
My dream holiday would be a road trip with some friends and (of course) my Border Collie Odin as my loyal travel companion. However, what I would really like to do is taking a trip around the world and make a bunch of friends in every country! 
Since I would like to remember all the highlights of my dream trip, I made a varied bucket list. It is not complete at all, but if I would add everything I would like to do/visit/see on my journey, this list would probably be about a hundred pages long, so that’s why I named this blog post ‘part 1’…
So let’s not waist any more precious time, but start a new phase of life instead, in which you do whatever it takes to make your wildest dream come true. Enjoy the twenty first points of my brand-new wanderlust bucket list.
  1. See the northern light, which is every adventurer’s stereotype dream, obviously
  2. Visit Machu Picchu, the famous Inca city in Peru
  3. Go swimming with wild dolphins, the most social and playful animals of the sea
  4. See the alien-like dragon trees of Socotra with my own eyes
  5. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef to see the world’s most astonishing coral reef  
  6. Walk the Great Wall of China and find the missing part of the wall that has disappeared without any trace
  7. Escort the Carnaval parade of Rio de janeiro, a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk half naked down the streets of a world city
  8. Warm up in the hot springs of Pamukkale, which is part of the World Heritage Site
  9. Climb the Mount Everest and never forget the magnificent view from the top
  10. Hug a moai statue on Easter Island, Chile
  11. Reach the base of the famous Angel Falls in Venezuela
  12. Enjoy the wonderful flowers of Lisse, which is probably world’s most colorful area during springtime
  13. Drink coconut milk from a self-picked coconut in Bora Bora
  14. Sail in the Fairy Pools in Scotland, while enjoying the magnificent contrast of the bright blue water and the wonderful purple flowers    
  15. Get a smooth than on the sandy beaches after staying in a fancy five-star resort in Fiji
  16. Take a guided tour in Linderhof Palace, Germany
  17. Having fun on a Husky sleigh ride in frosty Lapland
  18. Go kayaking in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, Mexico and explore some unique animal species on the coast
  19. Walk the whole Milford Track, which is one of the nine official Great Walks of New Zealand
  20. Travel to the Maldives to spend the night at the surreal beach and its glowing waves, named the Sea of Stars                
It seems so unrealistic to make a dream trip like this, but a little bird whispered in my ear that if you dream big enough, the facts don’t matter. Keep on dreaming…

8 thoughts on “Wanderlust Bucket List part one”

  1. Wat een enorm mooie lijst, zonder alle clichés. Laatst hadden we het met Spaans over Machu Pichu. Daar wil ik inderdaad nog eens heen.


  2. Superleuke lijst! Wil zelf ook nog heel graag zo wereldreis maken! Vind vooral het noorderlicht en die zee bij de malediven zo cool ❤


  3. Wauw, wat een enorm goed idee om dit zo op te schrijven! Hierdoor wordt je denk ik nog meer gemotiveerd om het wél te doen (mij kennende laat ik het anders liggen, haha..).


    1. Vroeger lag ik ook zo graag lang in mijn bed! Dat haast niet meer mogelijk, nu ik Odin heb… Ik schrijf heel vaak mijn ideeën op, omdat ik dat leuk vind (of omdat ik het anders gewoon vergeet). Moet je ook eens proberen!


  4. Super leuk lijstje. Nummer 4 had ik nog nooit van gehoord 😮 Meteen opgezocht en wauw… ziet er zalig uit. Heb het ook op mijn bucket list gezet 🙂


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