Hema’s magic Sunflowers Part 2

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I’ve finally found some time to plant my lovely sunflowers in our small, but beautiful garden. Although there were some flops between the yellow flowers, I found a nice place for most of them. Of course I kept my dog, Odin, in my mind and placed some flowers next to his kennel so he can think about me every time he sees or smells these yellow beauties. It is sort of a reminder to not get in all sorts of mischief while I am away. The others have found a perfect place behind the other good-smelling flowers.

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Wanderlust Bucket List part one

wanderlust, travel, bucket list, part 1, nature, beautiful, world
Before I die, I want to visit so many places that I nearly can’t keep a cool head anymore. Seeing that I am quite ambitious and have some struggles with wanderlust lately, it seems so unfair that I have only been in Germany, the Netherlands and best of all, I did a short trip to Paris and Barcelona.
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