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A dog that does not believe he is a dog

Odin, Border Collie, cute, dog

In one of my previous blog posts, you have already met my lovely Border Collie, Odin. Meanwhile, he is not a puppy anymore, but transformed into a sweet, but also tedious dog that is going through puberty. We all have been there, but I can promise you Odin is the most hilarious ‘youngster’ you have ever met, though, I am pretty sure he does not want to believe he is actually a dog.

First of all, Odin is more like a vegetarian dog since he adores eating grass. Every time I go for a walk with him, I have to pick grass out of his mouth and every second I do not keep an eye on him, he is already eating his favorite snack again. I stopped taking it away lately, which made us both very happy. Now, he can continue being proud of the grass helms he found, while I can laugh at him every time he almost stumbles because he can see nothing anymore, but his precious grass.

Odin, dog, Border Collie, cute, outside

Shortly after the grass obsession, Odin became a snobbish pet instead of a cow (although he still has the right colours). I don’t even go to fancy restaurants where you can order this French delicacy, named escargots, but my dog is in love with this snack however, he eats them raw, not fried. The Belgian weather, cold and rainy as we know it in these surroundings, lures a lot of snails. I do not even get the chance to avoid setting my feet on these viscous, little animals since most of the time they have already disappeared in Odin’s stomach. Indeed, he really likes them, including the scale. Tasty!

dog, Odin, Border Collie, cute, outside

The next thing is his great desire to be able to fly and eat all the birds he comes across (I believe his vegetarian life phase is over). When he is playing outside and sees a bird, he always tries to catch them, but for some reason, he doesn’t have that much success, luckily. After his big failure, he always starts jumping like a fool as if gravity will disappear just like that. It reminds me of myself when I was younger (yes, I’ve tried that as well), only I took things to the next level…

Border Collie, Odin, cute, dog

He probably took it quite seriously when I said I have taken things to the next level because so did he. Apparently he was trying to be… me? One evening I went to the movies with some friends and decided to lock him up for a while in his dog kennel, for the reason that he always gets up to mischief, but that did not turn out very well. When I came back home the room was one big chaos. Apparently, he found a way to escape and tried studying math from my school notes. I presume he did not like it that much, so little Einstein thought it would be a great solution to destroy every single sheet and left the ripped up remains behind.

Then he found my contraceptive pills and ate them. Not just one. All of them. I was worried that he would get ill and immediately called a vet. She told me this pill is actually not that bad for dogs, but that he would probably be hyperactive during some days. She was right about that, that’s sure. Did his plan work? Does he look more human since he took that dose of human hormones? No, his thoughtful plan failed, what a pity.

Odin, Border Collie, cute, dog
I do not know (and do not want to know) what or who Odin wants to look like in the future, but I am absolutely sure his creative brain will come up with something refreshing and new. In only seven months he changed from a wanna-be-cow to a French cuisine lover with wings and even tried to receive a human ID. Too bad for him it did not turn out the way he wanted it to be.



7 thoughts on “A dog that does not believe he is a dog”

  1. Ik moest echt lachen om je verhaaltje! Leuke titel ook 🙂 Mijn kat eet ook onwijs veel gras, maar probeert ook tomaten, gedroogd fruit en zelfs worteltjes te stelen… Ik wist niet dat honden dat ook konden doen 😉


  2. Haha oh wat een schatje ;p! Kleine koe haha!! Het is ook echt een knapperd!

    De hond van mijn ouders denkt altijd graag dat hij een schoothondje is ipv het 45 kilo zware bakbeest dat hij daadwerkelijk is! Gek beest 😀

    LOOOVE dogs! XXX


    1. Wat leuk! Odin denkt ook wel eens dat hij een klein schoothondje is, alleen weegt hij 20 kg en geen 45 kg. Soms vraag ik me af of hij misschien gelukkiger zou zijn als hij geboren was in het kleine lichaampje van een Chihuahua…


  3. This is too funny! I also have a dog who is convinced he is not a dog. He sincerely believes he is a person. He drinks out of straws and will climb up and sit in a chair when he’s hungry!! I love his little personality!


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