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Why I defriended my sister

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You probably know these unlikely quotes and thoughts about evil little sisters who want to destroy the family’s (or sister’s) happiness? Well, I always thought messages like this where just funny and I couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel to blood relatives or anyone else in general. Unfortunately I was wrong about this matter, which I realised when my own little sister turned into Satan’s soulmate.

Although I do not like her at all at this moment, I still respect people’s privacy, so let’s give my sister the nickname ‘Licorice’ in this blogpost. Since I am not very fond of this type of candy, I guess this name is quite matching how I feel about my little sister who is two years younger than me.

sad, alternative, vague, photography

First of all, I have to admit that I am not a plaster saint as well, but she crossed all the borders last weekend. When I was only two years old, I didn’t like the fact that I had to share my parents’ attention with another weird, noisy creature that cried all day long. Despite the frustrations, Licorice and I grew up and some days we were even good friends. Of course we had some small quarrels and a hate-love relationship like almost every sister bond I know, but at least we could act harmoniously together.

This period in my life was all rosy if I think back of it, however, things started to change. As I grew older, I stuck with puberty. In this phase of my life I quite lost myself and went looking to a fitting identity, but my parents were the main victim of this while Licorice did not have to worry about me. I didn’t bother her as far as I remember.

On the other hand, her puberty was and still is a disaster to me. She bought tons of make-up, always tried to dress like me, had her first boyfriend and above all, she’s got a bad temper all week and took it out on her family members. This was also the period we got some bad disagreements and not uncommonly tried to avoid each other during the day.

Defriended, empty, nature, alternative

This weekend everything exploded and we got very angry at each other because of nothing actually. She had sent me a furious text message about a stupid cord of her favorite Nike sweater that was broken and she claimed my dog did this to her. There was no prove, however, and I already had a supposition that she did it herself or that it happened while doing the laundry. Then, the whole thing escalated; I got angry, she didn’t stop ballyragging me and commanded me to buy a new sweater for her. I was so tired of it, so I went to her room to see if what she claimed was true, but I didn’t find any bite marks or anything that looked like a dog had done it at all.

The next morning I told mom about this quarrel to avoid that she would tell my parents an other version of the story and I even showed her the text messages, including mine. She told that my dog could simply not have done it. However, in the afternoon, Licorice and my parents went to a museum without asking me to go with them. There she turned my parents against me. I don’t even know what she said to them, but apparently she is a great manipulator. When they got home, dad was angry with me because I had shouted at her and called her mean things that morning, which was obviously a lie.

flower, sad, photography, sunlight, rain

Afterwards, my parents told me they were sorry, but my sister didn’t. We haven’t talked since that stupid incident and even defriended each other on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Even mom told me it seems better to not talk to each other for a moment and she even suggested deleting her as a friend, which I had already done. I will be glad when this is all over, but maybe mom is right. It might be better to avoid each other for a little while.

Now I wrote this down, I actually feel relieved. Maybe you could try this too if someone or something is bothering you. I finally understand that writing can be a remedy. Thanks to my little, evil Licorice to show me the light.




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