Review: Rituals Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren relaxing serum

Rituals, relaxing, serum, chinese, mint, Yi Yi Ren, reviewBusy job, tricky colleagues or annoying teachers? We live in a quite stressful world, full of distraction and betray. Still, we can find an escape from this mess by enjoying the little things in life. However, saying is one thing and doing is another! A nice product that I recently discovered in the bathroom (please do not tell my mom I ‘borrowed’ this) is a Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren relaxing serum from Rituals.

This serum promises to relax and relieve stress and tiredness. Besides, the Chinese Yi Yi Ren will smoothen the skin, while the presence of mint takes care for a relaxing effect. Massaging the serum into the temples, forehead and neck should ensure the best result.

Rituals, relaxing, serum, chinese, mint, Yi Yi Ren, review

The first thing I noticed, is the handy format; elongated but not too long. This shape makes using the product even easier, as it feels like writing with a pen. Besides, the product has the perfect size to fit in a small bag or purse. Of course there is also a downside; it only contains 15 ml of serum, which it not that much.

Rituals, relaxing, serum, chinese, mint, Yi Yi Ren, review

When I applied the thin creme on my temples, the effect was indeed very refreshing and left a fresh, minty aroma. Besides, the little metal ball avoids using an abundance of product and feels enjoyable cold, which is especially wonderful during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, this cooling effect already disappeared in a few minutes. Therefore I tried some other places on my body and discovered that if you apply the serum on your chest, the lovely smell will be noticeable much longer and in that way, the promising relaxing effect is way more efficacious.

Rituals, relaxing, serum, chinese, mint, Yi Yi Ren, review

Furthermore the packaging is gorgeous; special and not too campy. The deep, dark green background in combination with the Chinese sign in the middle makes me think about bamboo, while the fine letters give it all a modern look. What I like too, is the little drawing on the reverse side. It shows the places that are most effective to use the serum on (forehead, neck and temples). In case people are too stressed out to read the tiny litters they can just stare at the drawing.

I really like this product because it has a fabulous effect and the refreshing, relaxing feeling it leaves behind. Unfortunately, only the refreshing smell remains after a few minutes, while the nice feeling is already gone. My tip for people who are stressed out; ask someone to give you a delightful massage. It is free and the effect mostly remains for a few days. Still, for a quick, well-needed boost the Rituals Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren Relaxing Serum is the ideal choice!


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