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A dog that does not believe he is a dog

Odin, Border Collie, cute, dog

In one of my previous blog posts, you have already met my lovely Border Collie, Odin. Meanwhile, he is not a puppy anymore, but transformed into a sweet, but also tedious dog that is going through puberty. We all have been there, but I can promise you Odin is the most hilarious ‘youngster’ you have ever met, though, I am pretty sure he does not want to believe he is actually a dog.

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Why I defriended my sister

Sad, sister, drama, alternative

You probably know these unlikely quotes and thoughts about evil little sisters who want to destroy the family’s (or sister’s) happiness? Well, I always thought messages like this where just funny and I couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel to blood relatives or anyone else in general. Unfortunately I was wrong about this matter, which I realised when my own little sister turned into Satan’s soulmate.

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Review: Rituals Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren relaxing serum

Rituals, relaxing, serum, chinese, mint, Yi Yi Ren, reviewBusy job, tricky colleagues or annoying teachers? We live in a quite stressful world, full of distraction and betray. Still, we can find an escape from this mess by enjoying the little things in life. However, saying is one thing and doing is another! A nice product that I recently discovered in the bathroom (please do not tell my mom I ‘borrowed’ this) is a Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren relaxing serum from Rituals.

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