Review: MyColour Nail Polish

MyColour, nail polish, review, European, nail, colors

MyColour is a new, refreshing make-up brand that is only available in Carrefour grocery stores (only made and offered in European countries). The purpose of this brand is to introduce splendid product quality, available for a small price. What do you need more? For now, the collection only exists of nail polish, eye shadow, mascara, eye pencils, eyeliner and glosses, but who knows what MyColour will bring us in the future.

MyColour, nail polish, review, European, nail, colors

Because MyColour is brand-new, I had never heard of it before and even reviews about those products are sparse. My first impression when I saw the collection in a Carrefour shop in Belgium, is that the products are very bright and colorful prepacked. This is quite different from the ruling dark, nude trends and that made me immediately cheering up.

When I saw the inexpensive price, I did not hesitate for a second and grabbed three different nail polish colors to test at home. I bought them for less than €6 (€1,99 per piece)! For this price, you get 5,5 ml of flamboyant nail polish in a simple, but handy casing. The tiny bottle has, except from the brand name, not much adornment, but the colors of the nail polish itself compensate this, though.

On the photos beneath, I’ve only applied two coats, without adding any topcoat.

MyColour, nail polish, review, European, nail, colors

The first thing that caught my eye, is the well-pigmented, dense structure of these nail polishes, which I like so much, as two coats is enough to cover a nail. In that way, the tiny content is enough for many times of lacking nails.

Secondly, the nail polish is dry in a record time. This is an amazing benefit because I have absolutely no patience to let my nails dry for hours. I am always busy, whereby the coat I just applied is a goofed up mess right away. Now, on the other hand, no muddling is necessary anymore.

MyColour, nail polish, review, European, nail, colors

Apart from the good texture, I am not a huge fan of all the colors I bought. The first color you see, which I don’t to the name of since no descriptions are mentioned on the package, is definitely the prettiest one in my opinion, though. The orange/coral color is also well-pigmented and summery, but I would like it so much more without the little glitters, like the first one. The third nail polish (upper right corner) is not a colour I would wear often because this purplish hue is too childish for an 18-years old girl, but perfect for younger teenagers!

MyColour, nail polish, review, European, nail, colors

As a conclusion, I am considering buying some other brand new MyColour items to test them too. I am not blown over of enthusiasm jet, but I have the vague feeling that this MyColour can be an Essence-like top brand. The nail polishes have astonished me in a positive way, but a wider selection of colors was certainly no unnecessary luxury. Too bad! Still, I think we will hear more laudative reactions of these product. Visit to keep in touch!


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