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7 cute (but annoying) things about my puppy


Maybe some of you have already read something about my five months old Border Collie puppy, Odin. In the meantime he is already three months a part of our family, our newest family addition as you can say. Sounds like having a baby, isn’t it? Well, at some points Odin is even worse, but luckily his high cuteness-factor, love for human beings and happy character compensates his little monkey tricks. I can’t even imagine a life without him anymore. He’s not only a furry friend, a sport buddy and a hilarious pet, most of all he became one of my dearest soulmates. Anyway, let me sum up some adorable, but incredible tediously things Odin daily does.


  • Smelly bones

Odin never runs out of bones, since we have many in supply. As he is exchanging his teeth, he needs something to chew on all day long (otherwise he will eat the furniture and of course we absolutely do not want that to happen). For Odin this is like being in heaven, but for his owners on the other hand, some of his bones have an unbearable stink that is almost not to take anymore. Last week, my mom bought a pig’s ear and my god, even with the windows wide open, I could not get rid of that stench. Besides the ear was already eaten up in less than an hour, that is the top! That night I almost slept with a clothes peg on my nose. So, let me give you one tip; never give a stinky bone (or other part of an animal) to your dog when he had access to your bedroom.


  • Running around the house as a fool

Border Collies are one of the most active dog breeds, which is awesome if you like to sport, but everyone knows those days you just want to stay in bed and do nothing at all. Well, that is simply impossible with a young Border Collie in the house. When he hasn’t had enough physical exercise, he gets insane and start running around the table and through the course as a nutcase. I can laugh with him, but unfortunately my mom doesn’t, because he hits upon everything that is in his way (including cupboard, chairs and drinking glasses). You can choose between evacuating the house or (the easiest way in this case) get up your ass and going for a hike.

Border Collie, puppy, cute, black and white, pet, outside

  • Peeing every hour

I know training the bladder of your puppy is important, but with a mother who gets hysterical when Odin accidentally pees on the carpet, this is not easy peasy. Every time he waits in front of the door and looks at me with his adorable eyes, I think he needs to go to the ‘toilet’. Odin is a very smart puppy and he knows that every time he stands there, someone calls me to go outside. Most of the time he just wants to go playing in the park and doesn’t need to pee at all, although he really needs to go at times. The first weeks, he decides to use our brand-new carpet as his personal toilet and that is the reason my mom becomes that tense when she thinks he needs to pee, so here is another tip; do not buy a new carpet before your puppy is grown-up.


  • Alone with the wastepaper bin

I don’t need a shredder anymore since Odin decided to get in a jumble with the wastepaper bin in my bedroom every time I turn my back. Do you think this is okay? Well, I do too! But not if he spreads the tiny scraps of paper all over the room until I can’t see the floor anymore. Moreover, I also throw the bags of the delicious donuts and croissants from the bakery in this bin and of course he can smell that irresistible scent of food (since he is addicted to everything that is or seems edible). By consequence, I have to vacuum clean my whole bedroom, my bad!

Border Collie, puppy, cute, black and white, pet, outside

  • Waking up early

Having a long lie in bed is simply not possible with a Border Collie puppy sleeping in the same room as you do. Luckily I don’t have to set my alarm clock at 3 A.M. to go for a night walk like I had to do when he was only a few weeks old. Still, he wakes me up early to go for a walk, or he doesn’t stop yowling, there is no escape. Good for him, I don’t suffer from morning grumpiness!


  • Heart of stone

The hardest part of having a dog is leaving him alone (because everyone needs to go to school or work). Not every puppy has separation anxiety, but Odin certainly has. When he has to stay home alone, I put him in his bench or dog kennel in the backyard and then the place goes mad. He starts yowling like he’s getting tortured, poor little puppy. Ignoring him is so difficult, but there is no other way.

Border Collie, puppy, cute, black and white, pet, outside

  • A lot of monkey tricks

I didn’t even talk about all the ‘pranks’ he left behind. To keep it short; biting holes in everyone’s socks, eating pencil cases (including all of the pencils of course), tearing up my favourite magazines, killing plants, eating my mathematics exercise book, destroying the wall covering, making the remote control useless, stealing my brunch, … And I can go on with this for a little while.

Yes, I can continue this list until infinite, but what I actually want to tell you is that having a dog is amazing and I have to admit that Odin cheers me up all the times, but there are also things that are less fun and you have to lump the unpleasant moments in. Still I am convinced that having a dog as pet is the most fantastic experience in life and the disadvantages are nothing compared with all the sheer luck you get from the dog. Everyone should have a dog, don’t you think?


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    1. Ziet er helemaal niet fris uit en de geur is nog 10x erger! Op straat kan ik geen vijf minuten wandelen zonder een reactie te krijgen zoals ‘Oh, wat is hij schattig!’ en ‘Mag ik hem alsjeblieft even aaien?’


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