Review: Little Saviour Coconut Hand & Nail Cream

Little Saviour, coconut, Hand & Nail Cream, care, review

Dry hands? Certainly during the long winter months, some of us might suffer from this annoying, but easily to remedy problem, if you find the right products. I am sure there are plenty of suitable products, but I was looking for something more; a fragrant, not too oily, well-groomed cream in a nice package.

The hand cream I recently bought, Inecto Naturals Little Saviour Coconut Hand & Nail Cream, seems to have it all. This product was not too greasy at all and had a nice smell of coconut. Immediately it gave me the feeling I was enjoying my holiday on a sunny beach, surrounded with palm trees, while drinking the juice of a delicious coconut (not that I have ever experienced such an amazing vacation). Besides, the cream is infused with pure Organic Coconut Cream, as it says in the description, totally natural. For those who have no idea what I mean with this illusion, you can perfectly compare it with the sweet scent of Malibu Rum (with coconut flavour of course). Although I adore this fragrance, I can understand that this cream might be too perfumed for some others.

Little Saviour, Coconut, Hand and Nail Cream, care, review

Further the affordable price of this hand & nail cream is certainly another advantage. For only €3,99 you can luxuriate in soft and fragrant hands for weeks. Besides, the small and pretty decorated package is quite handy and easy to bring with you in a handbag for instance. I really like the special fonts and little coconut underneath. Moreover, the easy to use, revolving cap avoids that the cream ends up in your bag instead of on your hands.

Little Saviour, Coconut, Hand and Nail Cream, care, review

But the big question is ‘Does this hand cream comply its most important function, namely a prolonged, nutritive and moisturizing power?’ I can tell you I used this cream on daily base during a week and I am truly surprised, but in a positive way. My hands are less drier than before, even when I did not use it for a few days, my hands where visually healthier and had a pleasant softness. In any case, it really is a panacea for your hands, but I do not notice any change in my nails.

Little Saviour, Coconut, Hand and Nail Cream, care, review

As a conclusion I can say I like this cream because of the lovely smell, nice package, good texture and effective functioning. Although I was not totally convinced of the ‘moisture relief’ for my nails, it is a perfect cream to take care of your hands.

I am so content about this cream, but I still believe there must be even a better one, with visible and long-lasting effect on hands and nails. Nothing or nobody is perfect. That is why I will continue my tough quest to find the – in my opinion – ideal hand cream.

What is your favorite hand cream?


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