Hema’s magic Sunflowers part 1

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Growing sunflowers!

Winter is finally over and we can start dreaming of long, hot summer evenings with a bench of good friends, campfire, fireflies and delicious, self-made cupcakes and muffins. My favourite season is coming and I have to be prepared for that big event. Therefore, I decided to show everyone my ‘green thumbs’ by becoming a gardener (not a real one of course).

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Review: MyColour Nail Polish

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MyColour is a new, refreshing make-up brand that is only available in Carrefour grocery stores (only made and offered in European countries). The purpose of this brand is to introduce splendid product quality, available for a small price. What do you need more? For now, the collection only exists of nail polish, eye shadow, mascara, eye pencils, eyeliner and glosses, but who knows what MyColour will bring us in the future.

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7 cute (but annoying) things about my puppy


Maybe some of you have already read something about my five months old Border Collie puppy, Odin. In the meantime he is already three months a part of our family, our newest family addition as you can say. Sounds like having a baby, isn’t it? Well, at some points Odin is even worse, but luckily his high cuteness-factor, love for human beings and happy character compensates his little monkey tricks. I can’t even imagine a life without him anymore. He’s not only a furry friend, a sport buddy and a hilarious pet, most of all he became one of my dearest soulmates. Anyway, let me sum up some adorable, but incredible tediously things Odin daily does.

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Review: Little Saviour Coconut Hand & Nail Cream

Little Saviour, coconut, Hand & Nail Cream, care, review

Dry hands? Certainly during the long winter months, some of us might suffer from this annoying, but easily to remedy problem, if you find the right products. I am sure there are plenty of suitable products, but I was looking for something more; a fragrant, not too oily, well-groomed cream in a nice package.

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