Cup of Sparkles, a new chapter

Cup of Sparkles, Jolien, blog, lifestyle

Cup of Sparkles

You already know the wonderful name of this brand-new blog, but who is the girl behind all of this?

Well, my name is Jolien, an 18-years old filly who likes to write nice reviews and enjoyable blog posts. Cup of sparkles gives me the opportunity to improve my writing and photography skills, but above all, I just adore doing what I am doing right now. I have the aptitude to let the words flow from my fingers straight into my computer screen since I always have something to tell.

Germany, nature, landscape, photography, travel
Germany 2015

If I had even more magical powers, I would probably wish myself a pretty occupied life as a journalist who travels all around the world to tell other people interesting stories, write some reviews and take a lot of inspiring pictures. Combining those passions, would be an amazing dream. Therefore, I believe starting a new blog (written in English for once) is an auspicious start to begin the rest of my (hopefully absorbing) life. Who knows where the future will bring me.

I am not the typical ‘beauty queen’ who is obsessed with make-up and hair, but I am still a girl, so you might come across some striking lipsticks, charming blushes and colorful face masks, however the topics I love the most are lifestyle, personal stuff and traveling-related stories. Further I write about pleasant things I come across in my life, like some striking anecdotes (I can sum up many because my days are quite lively organised).


For rest I pay a lot of attention on distinguishing myself and fortunately I can proudly discern myself from all the 7 billion people at this wonderful planet, which is something everyone can, by simply being yourself.  Everyone is unique, so why don’t use it in this blog? Weekly you will find a new post about something I come up with. This can be a list of things about a specific topic, a review about a terrific product I recently discovered, a delicious recipe or just an absorbing personal story. Something for everyone, that is for sure.

Furthermore, I can promise you will find out more about me during the next weeks, but to keep the mysterious side about me alive, I am not going to tell you everything at once. Actually I have a very open personality, so I have no problems with revealing my darkest secrets and special powers. Are you already a little bit more curious (or anxious)? Don’t be afraid, I am an amiable, joyous girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly (and I only have supernatural powers in my dreams, by the way).


Finally, I can only wish you a lot of fun reading what I’ve been writing for you. I hope you enjoy and if you don’t I will probably find a remedy to cease the pain in my heart. Never mind, just smile and have a lovely day!

P.S. As I am a Belgian girl who talks Dutch at home, I hope you won’t find any mistakes in my texts, but if you do, do not hesitate to let me know!


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